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As a premium manufacturer of riding saddles, environmental protection through sustainable products plays a central role. We are proud to always be able to offer you products of the best quality, regardless of the variant version!

Wherever possible, we use vegetable-tanned leather. Leather, which is not varnished, has slight nuances in the color and structure, this is a quality feature and not a defect. Special features are the flexibility and the open-pore structure, which offers a lot of support.
We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to choose between two types of quality leather, PullUp and Dubliert.



Our LUX-Leather is a high quality, vegetable tanned greased leather for highest riding comfort and durability! This unique leather is recommended for professional use due to its high durability and resilience.



In this version everyone gets its own reward! This extremely soft leather offers a perfect fit right from the start, is resilient and offers great grip. Estelle saddles in the Double Version leave an uniquely positive sitting feeling. Maximum comfort for the rider!

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