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Estelle-Saddles combines a long history of more than 25 years of competence in the production of riding saddles, a high level of knowledge about excellent quality and biomechanical contexts for the development of perfectly fitting riding saddles. At the same time we preserve tradition as well as bringing it together with the innovations that equestrian sport needs nowadays.

In Estelle Saddles we focus firstly on the health and well-being of horses and secondly on the development of solutions that optimise the rider's comfort and impact.
The passion for our work and our commitment have led us to develop our own exclusive saddle collection in order to provide assistance to as many horses and their owners as possible. Each saddle is made from hand-selected materials and with great attention to detail, guaranteeing you long lasting pleasure with your Estelle saddle!

Mette Heller

As the initiator of the Estelle brand on the European market, with her enthusiasm, her many years of experience and her big heart for horses, she has done a great deal to ensure that we can offer excellent solutions to numerous riders and horses today.

Thomas Pohn

His commitment, his passion and not only for the horse, but for equestrian sport as a whole have made a big difference. As a sales manager in the southern Germany area, he is known everywhere in the horse scene, he is always open-minded and, due to his experience as a rider and horse man, also the right solution for any problems that arise.

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