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3  Strupfen


flexi-knee pads with velcro

stirrup bar

third girth strap




Our used Thermo-Flex pad system stands out thanks to its adaptive thermal behaviour! The conical, long-fibred wool used adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the horse under pressure by absorbing the body temperature of the horse. The saddles feature a well-balanced position and good contact with the horse, which makes the exposure is much easier! The health of your horse is preserved and the looseness and mobility is specifically promoted.

The French pad design provides no contact of any kind through unnecessary stitching in the area of the long-back muscle! The pads can be produced with or without inserted sweat-sheet depending on the use and ergonomic requirements.


The heart of every Estelle Saddle is our established Torsion-Flex-Tree. The outstanding characteristics of flexibility within a defined range and in precisely coordinated directions of action allow for a tremendous potential for movement in the horse. This saddle tree, which supports precise action simply and effectively, provides your horse with the necessary flexibility and freedom of movement. With our saddles you help to keep your horse healthy in the long term and provide a positive development by strengthening the musculature!


Estelle Saddles stands for the combination of innovation and the preservation of tradition from the handcraft! We are therefore advocates of new processes that are already successfully applied in various trades, in a transformed form. The distinctive identification of your saddle prevents for example in case of stealing or helps you to have the basic data of your saddle always at hand! 

With the NFC technology implemented by us, your saddle is made clearly identified by using a specific data ID. The master data such as production date, warranty period, configuration etc. are saved on it and can easily be read out via your mobile phone!

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